CALeSE - Computer-Aided Learning Tool for Scientific Writing in English

CALeSE is a Computational Task Environment related with Scientific Writing in English, based on the Support Tool of AMADEUS and the tool for Scientific Writing in Brazilian Portuguese named SciPo. It is aimed at assisting non-native English users with various levels of expertise in learning scientific writing in English.
CALeSE is based on the reuse of linguistic material, extracted from Abstracts and Introductions of well-written texts, which is categorized and annotated according to its function in the scientific discourse. Abstracts and Introductions come from specific domains --- Computer Science, Physics and Linguistics--- especially because extensive corpus analysis was required. The knowledge used in CALeSE (annotated abstracts and introductions) is contributed from other master and Phd research work developed at ICMC-USP, IFSC-USP and FCLAR/UNESP.